Rediscover Camaraderie

Veteran Programs

Not everything has to be done alone. And not everything has to be a big event. We offer a variety of programs so that you can find your comfort level, your camaraderie. If you’re interested, join, reach out, and we’ll get you a seat.


At Warriors for Freedom, we strongly believe our peer-to-peer support system is making a positive impact on the active duty and veteran population we serve. Our platform provides our men and women, both in or out of uniform, purpose and camaraderie with every program we have created. If you are active, reserves, guard, or a veteran, we want you in this group and at every event we host.

Our Programs

Warrior Group

Bringing veterans and military members together because it’s nice to be around those who “get it”. Offer your support. Get support when you need it.

Remembering the 22

It is our goal to create lasting wellness changes for veterans and their families. We move forward by understanding where we begin, honoring veterans who commit suicide each day due to untreated combat-related stressors and injuries.

Veteran Programs


An effective alternative therapy that opens a new world, we combine with our partners to offer training, education, and certifications towards open water diving.


From a relaxing day on the lake, to all-out, no-holds-barred competitions, you can find your pace and peace of mind through our fishing programs.

Outdoor Recreation

Enjoy activities like hunting, skeet, motocross, camping and more to provide purpose and an opportunity for camaraderie.


Hit the links with fellow veterans in an effort to work out your scratch golf game.