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Our Longstanding

Our fishing program consists of everything from taking veterans on a relaxing day on the water to a complete competition between veteran and guide. Fishing is a calm yet adrenaline filled sport that has helped several veterans work on mental health issues through relaxation and sport. Please contact us for more information.

We started our Freedom Football program in 2017 as a means to bring Patriotism into the school system. It has grown into MUCH more than that! We’ve watched generational gaps close, teams, schools and communities that were divided, united for a common cause, hometown heroes properly thanked for their service and sacrifice to our great nation and stadium that are often half full, exceed attendance they haven’t seen in years.

This program is about bringing communities and schools together for a common cause – honoring YOUR hometown heroes.

Our team works directly with each school to fund raise and ensure that on game night, you have the opportunity to honor YOUR local men and women in uniform in a way that works best for your school and your community.

Warriors for Freedom Foundation works with golf courses across the country to support our nation’s heroes. Although we concentrate our efforts in Oklahoma & Texas, we participate in and benefit from events across the nation and are always excited for expansion in new areas.

We are currently coordinating efforts to begin a Veteran Golf League. Contact us for information.

Warriors for Freedom Foundation takes veterans dove, duck and hog hunting. Although we concentrate our efforts in Oklahoma and Texas, we participate in and benefit from events across the nation and are always excited for expansion in new areas.

With veteran suicide at a high rate, Warriors for Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, have committed to raising awareness to this issue. September 1, 2014 we launched a “Remembering the 22” campaign in honor of the 22 confirmed veterans who commit suicide each day due to untreated combat-related stressors and injuries.

We must UNITE as a NATION to end this epidemic. The change starts HERE and NOW, with YOU and ME.

Take to the streets, social media, community leaders, senators, family and friends. Now is the time for CHANGE. We hope you will join us!

Now we are challenging you to donate $22 to honor and Remember the 22.

Warriors for Freedom Foundation provides mental, physical and wellness support to our nations heroes and their families in the areas of outdoor activities, scholarships and promoting mental health and wellness awareness, specifically Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Combat Stress Reaction (CSR) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Warrior Scuba was launched in September 2016 to provide an opportunity for current and former members of our military and their families to experience the world of SCUBA diving. Warriors for Freedom has Partnered with Bluewater Divers of Oklahoma City to assist us in providing the proper training and education to become PADI certified open water divers.

Research shows SCUBA can help create a sense of purpose, camaraderie and self-confidence that the service member experienced during their time in uniform. SCUBA has also shown to be an effective alternate therapy for individuals battling PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and depression in an environment found nowhere else on earth. If you’d like to contact someone regarding our Warrior Scuba Program, please email

The Warrior Group was established as a means to bring veterans and other active components of the military together in a more intimate setting with no civilian counterparts in attendance. This gives our veteran and military community a chance to interact in a more candid environment and reminds them of the brother and sisterhood that bonds them together for life.

Our team dedicates time and effort to organize events such as camping trips, fishing tournaments, sports watch parties, dinners/lunches, and much more. The group meets once a month to remind the warriors why they volunteered to serve our great nation and the importance of continuing the mission here at home. Veterans, please join us for our monthly Warrior Group. It’s a time for veterans to join together for purpose & camaraderie. It is free to join, but you do need to be registered with the Foundation.

Who Can

Warriors for Freedom promotes the involvement of both our veterans and our community at large. Event fees from individual participants and funding from sponsors allows service members and veterans to participate for free or at a low cost. Additional funds raised through these events are used to support initiatives that help our nation’s heroes.

These events are designed to be accessible, positive experiences. We salute the courage of those who are dealing with physical or mental injuries. Our goal is to help you achieve greater wholeness and a sense of achievement.