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Warriors for Freedom Foundation is a non-profit tax exempt organization that provides support to our nation's heroes and their families in the areas of outdoor activities, scholarships, legal assistance, and mental health and wellness as well as to promote awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Combat Stress Reaction (CSR).

Warriors for Freedom Foundation works with community leaders, businesses, schools, legislators and other to enhance veteran's awareness and promote veteran's initiatives through speaking engagements and fundraising.

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Warriors For Freedom Foundation, a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serve as a home front resource center which strives to empower, motivate, and educate physically and mentally injured American veterans and/or their families. The foundation focuses its holistic efforts on physical social activities and funding on committed, grass roots organizations that also rely strongly on volunteer commitment to making a significant difference in the lives of American citizens.

Warriors For Freedom’s Battle Buddies regularly attend the program events. Sometimes they make inspirational speeches but mostly they are there to participate in the social activities themselves and to support their fellow veterans.

Warriors For Freedom assists veterans and their families by providing information about many resources available to them. The “RESOURCES” page of this website provides general and contact information about these organizations which are also regularly mentioned on Warriors For Freedom’s social media pages including facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Warriors For Freedom created a radio show called “American Warrior” hosted by Scotty Dee. While it is very entertaining, its main purpose is to provide another outlet for information and awareness. This radio show is aired live every Saturday from 2-3pm in Oklahoma City on KTOK am radio 1000 and also streams live at iHeart radio on the internet and on the mobile app. Soon, all past radio shows will also be available on this website.

Warriors For Freedom is always receptive to positive ideas and suggestions from anyone who cares about veterans and their families. Join the WARRIOR NATION here.



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